Made Entirely of Wires

Electronic music and puppet show extraordinaires

MEoW trio

Conducting puppet shows and soundtracks for the annual Krampusnacht in Chicago since 2018.

Empty Bottle, 2022
Sleeping Village, 2021
Online, 2020
The Hideout, 2019
The Co-Prosperity Sphere, 2018

Walpurgisnacht puppet performance, Empty Bottle, 2023

Puppetless performances:
Walpurgisnacht at Empty Bottle, 2023
Electric Equinox at GAG, 2022
Neobeat at The Owl, 2018
Cafe Mustache, 2018

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MEoW at Cafe Moustache, 2018 tour

First stage:
The Bodice Cobra Philharmonia / The Starship Philharmonia, which performed live soundtracks for SpiderBug screenings;

Second stage:
ELTRC BFLY, as a 3-piece;